Monday, December 3, 2012

Peas Please!!

Well.. someone is ready to eat!!

I didn't think I would be the mom to make food, but then again, I didn't think I would be the mom to breastfeed either... Somehow, it happened, and I'm excited... SUPER excited to do it!

So I'm branching out with a new adventure.. making baby food! It will be trial an error- but here we go!

We started with EarthBest organic brown rice cereal- it instantly caused him to back up and have constipation- which then interrupted our potty training... btw, baby food takes baby poop to a whole different level! (baby steps.. baby steps!)

After a week, we took a break from eating "solids" and tried to get him back to a regular bathroom schedule!

At week 3, we tried EarthBest Organic Oatmeal.. which kept him regular and he loved it!!

now onto the next transition.. deciding what to start with. Some people say sweet potatoes, avocado, or bananas... I started with Peas... because I decided greens first.

and I decided to make it in bulk to freeze and feed... here we go!!

what you need:
- food processor
- 2 bags of frozen organic peas
- water (baby breeza delegates how much water to put in on its own)
- spatula
- food storage containers, ice cube maker, etc

Start with deciding which food processor to commit too...

we decided on the baby breeza! I did make my husband purchase the baby breeza, baby beba, and baby bullet.. then I sat there and opened it all- stared at it for a few days and really thought about the process and what I needed my food processor to do for me.. packed up all the others and returned them.

I wanted my food processor to be a 1 stop shop. the baby breeza- you throw in the veggies and just press a button and it steams, blends,and purees!! after that you just pour it in the ice cubes and freeze!

I poured 1 pack of frozen organic Peas into the processor, selected "Sweet Peas", pressed steam and blend, and walked away for 20 minutes...

I let the puree cool- poured it into some silicone ice cube makers and set them in the freezer to store... (side note: I bought these ice cube makers at william somoma- they are not 1oz cubes- which kinda bummed me out.. I will get these instead.

the next morning- I popped them out and threw them into a labeled ziplock bag- "sweet peas" and date. I plan on defrosting by throwing 1 cube into a little bowl and setting it in hot water to heat (we are a anti-microwave since blogging this study about the affects of microwaving foods: here

Soooo... Let him eat PEAS!!!

this face has no idea what's coming...

still has a smile because I'm sure he thinks he's getting oatmeal...

1 spoonful...

he didn't LOVE it- but he didn't HATE it either.. he took about 10 spoonfuls before losing interest!

NO MORE PEAS.. NO MORE pictures!! he was done.

check out our video of Landon eating peas. lol


  1. How cute! I can't wait to start solids! Are you still breastfeeding?

    1. yes! I'm still breastfeeding. He's taking about 6oz per bottle... Food is pretty fun in our house! I don't think i'll be pureeing for long because he seems to like big people food!

  2. so sweet! FYi when we introduced sweet potatoes it totally backed Ava up. The pediatrician recommend avocado and some water which made her regular again. xo

    1. That's good to know!! Thanks for the advice!! Do you recommend avocados next so I can mix it in with sweet potatoes?