Friday, December 7, 2012

Landon Meets Santa..

Last saturday, We took Landon to see Santa! I watched the 3 children in front of landon instantly panic when they looked at santa... and LANDON in general was SUPER tired and fussy...

My sister kept telling me that he was going to lose his mind.. and my husband was worried that he would puke breast milk all over santa... BUT I insisted... hesitantly insisted that I'm his mother, I knew what was best- and he would be fine.

man I was right. lol. he did awesome. SANTA was mesmerizing to him... HE WAS SOOOOOO good!! santa even talked to him and he stared at santa for a little big, smiled and touched santas fluffy beard! we assumed its because santa looked A LOT like his dog Leiah-Bear.

Afterwards, we had a few dads come over and asked us how we did it and tell us Landon was awesome. :)

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  1. How sweet! We're taking Hadley tomorrow. Wish us luck!