Friday, December 21, 2012

Baby Landon is 6 months

Well lets just say... he amazes me every single day. It seems like he's growing leaps and bounds and I love watching him develop into such an impressive human being!


he won't be weighed until his next scheduled visit, but we're estimating 19-20 lbs. Most of my family has said he looks longer but not heavier... but when I hold him, it feels like a good 19+ lbs. :)

so far, so good. we're about to catch a plane to PA and we are crossing our fingers hoping we will avoid catching a cold. wish us luck!


we cannot complain.. we are sleeping very well! he's always been a good sleeper tho. This will be a huge test once we get to PA- I'm going to do my best to keep him on PA time. He takes a 6oz bottle before bed, goes into his crib with a sleep sack and a pacifier and has to self sooth. it usually takes about 5-10 minutes to fall asleep and lately, he's been rotating a lot in his sleep... in a circle. its funny to watch but difficult to keep track of him in the monitor!


he fits in some 3-6 months in separates but mainly 6-12 month clothing. Dressing him has been super fun! EVERYONE complains about having nothing cute for boys but we dress landon from baby gap, old navy, carters, zara, h&m. hes such a mini GQ model. lol

diet: you enjoy your fingers.. toes.. and anything he can touch.. but with real food, he's still breastfeeding but we've introduced solids:
rice cereal
green beans
sweet potatoes

he also enjoys holding his own food- so we've given him items to pick up like bread, green beans, peas, carrots and teething biscuits.

all solids are homemade organic food. he is funny about food.. he makes a funny face when eating but eats almost all his food!


Rolling everywhere, sitting up unassisted, holding objects, petting dogs sitting in his shopping cart and high chair... he says "Hi" and waves hello.

He loves any toy that sings, dances, lights up. he likes pop up books and enjoys rolling on his huge ball.


when tired or hungry. mainly when tired.

post partum:

I've noticed that I've lost more weight and I feel a lot skinner than before I got pregnant. I need to tone up because the 37 lbs I gained and the 40 I've lost is starting to show. I feel like my butt is getting droopy! looks like I'll be getting back on the insanity challenge!

Happy 1/2 year butterball!! I love you

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