Saturday, December 1, 2012

My Brother is a married man...

I still cannot believe that my baby brother has gotten married!!

Here are some photos of his wedding day!

They were married at St. Nicholas Church in Laguna Woods, Ca on November 10th, 2012 (same church my husband and I married in) We are so blessed to have her join our family!

their bridal party was HUGE.. They had 6 pairs..we had 7. :)

Landon was awake for the whole thing. He missed most of it because he was super chatty and I had to move him to the back of the church! He was dressed to impress!

Their Reception was held at Seafood Palace in Westminster, CA. They both wore a traditional outfits! Traditionally, you must go and greet every table and thank them for taking time to come celebrate. The table will delegate one speaker to wish them well in their marriage!

My husband and I- This was my first wedding as a mother. Usually at weddings, I'm a huge fan of taking photos- but since I was nursing, it got too overwhelming.

our little family!

We really took advantage of the photo booth! Take a look at a few of my favorite photos!!

Tony and Trang- If you ever read this, we LOVE you both! We wish you both an amazing life together, filled with LOVE, Wealth and Happiness! We pray that you will both continue to love one another and support one another! Thank you for being there the day I met josh.. Even though tony advised me to "leave Josh (my husband) alone because he was TOO nice for me". Love you guys!

your Seester.

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