Sunday, July 7, 2013

4th of July shenanigans

Happy 4th of July weekend!!!

We've had a pretty busy weekend!

I'll start with my chalkboard sign... It really excites me to design my holiday board! 

I snagged a few festive outfits from Memorial Day and I'm glad I can wear it until Labor Day weekend! 

We started our morning with a home cooked breakfast, then relaxed.. RELAXED.. Then we relaxed some more! 

Around 5:30 took a walk to our town street fair... It was crowded, busy and really REALLY slow moving, so we left. 

Around 8, we met up with my parents at the lake to watch fireworks. Landon took a really long late afternoon nap so he was able to stay awake for a majority of the fireworks! He pointed at the fireworks and said "boom" & "ooooooh".. About 5 minutes in, he asked for milk.. But kept popping his head up to see fireworks. 

I can't believe this is our second 4th of July with Landon.. Last year, he was only 2.5 weeks old!!! 

Happy 4th!! Xo

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