Friday, July 19, 2013

Landon is 12 months

I just looked back and realized I never did Landon's 12 month update!

Wow 12 months! Can't believe he's been in my life for that long!

Weight: On his 1 year check up, he measured 30", weighed 20lb 10oz and his head circumference measured 46.5". I was surprised.. He felt like he was heavier, but I was wrong! 

Health: a little extra tired when teeth come in, but overall he his as healthy as can be! Can't ask for anything more! 

Sleep: sleeping great! We moved his hours up to 7 since he dropped his second nap.. Sleeps 7-7!

sleep: 7-7am
naps: 10am-12! Not sure how i feel about 1 nap a day.. But we will see! 

Social:  this guy is is very friendly! He loves swim school, loves gymnastics... Loves children & dogs. He's a little unsure about adults so if you want to hold him, you have to bribe him with a walk. We are currently dealing with his obsession with kissing. He will kiss anyone and according to our doctor, this can be very dangerous because he's not fully vaccinated.. So now I have to follow him around and watch him like a hawk because I have to constantly say, "no kissing.. We blow kisses.. Not on the lips?!!" 

Diet:  this month, we are eating anything and everything... He likes it puréed, he likes it not.. He likes all fruit and veggies mixed with food. I love his eating habits!

Clothes: 6-12 clothing and 9+ month jammies. Diapers sized 3.. Everything seems snug so we might have to do a little shopping! Favorite places for clothes: baby gap, old navy, crazy8, cotton on kids, target, Zara, and h&m! 

Baby Gear Love: balloons... Cars, trucks.. Sippy cups.. Regular cups. Introduced his outside play area... As a birthday gift! Sandbox, water table, picnic table, basketball hoop & slide! 

Crying: he likes to fake cry.

Likes: exploring our kitchen.. Walking, taking walks, traveling, using his pushcars, throwing balls.. Trucks 
Milestones: We have a few..
Walking!! 1 week before his birthday!
says: Dog "Dah", turtle "tuh tuh", More, dada, mama, says "Ong" for grandpa in vietnamese, "Ba" for grandma in vietnamese. Favorite word: Bad Dog "bah dah"... then he points. when we say "NO", he points his little index finger and says "bah", bird, tree, bottle
Signs: "all done", "milk", "more" and "eat"
teeth 7 & 8 are starting to pop through!

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