Monday, July 22, 2013

Landon is 13 Months!!

Holy cow.. I have a kid that's 13 months and he's now a toddler! 

Weight: On his 1 year check up, he measured 30", weighed 20lb 10oz and his head circumference measured 46.5". 

Health: I believe his 1st molar is popping through.. Lots of drool and fussiness so we doubled up on the amber necklaces.. We buy them at In the raw Baltic amber in harvest and lemonade. What a difference! 

Sleep: we are in a transition of some sorts.. Some days he sleeps 6:45-7:30.. Some days 7-7.. The 7-8:30.. We are just going with the flow! His naps range between 10-12 & 2:30-4 or just once a day from 1-3... I wish he would take a 3 hour nap.. But at least he's sleeping.  

Social:  we had a visitor for 4-5 days and Landon played so well!! He loves chitter chattering with other kids! 

Diet:  with his molar coming in.. He's only able to easily eat purées.. Lots of  iced water for the hot summer... We are weaning, so we are nursing 3x a day. Some days he follows me around asking for "baba" and signing milk. Also he has a tendency to look down women's shirts asking them for "baba". Yeah, hopefully we will completely wean by 14-15 months! 

Clothes: he completely had a growth spurt and suddenly couldn't squeeze into sizes 6-12 and 9-12 any longer.. So we had to do some shopping!! 12-18 months & size 4-4.5 shoe!! 

Baby Gear Love: we are digging his train table, his outside play area, the bike he built with his Oanh Ngoai, books.. Loves pushing his stroller.. 

Crying: no crying.. Just super loud squawking. 

Likes: exploring our kitchen.. Loves plastic utensils, Mickey Mouse club, trains, iced water, phone chargers and light sockets. 

Walking!! 1 week before his birthday!

Climbing.. We say a lot of, "get down" & "careful!!!"

Dada, dog "dah", Leiah "yeya", Ba (grandma), please "peaz", done, poo, help "hew", up "puh", water "wahwah", bottle "bah", milk "bah"...

Signs: "all done", "milk", "more",  "eat", "please"

He can stack blocks, clean up his play area and put away all his bath toys when he's done! 

If anyone sneezes, he will bless you with an air kiss.. Also he enjoys blowing kisses.

He's growing up too fast!! 

Btw.. Life with 2 babies gave us serious baby fever!!! Too cute! 

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