Saturday, December 21, 2013

2nd Baby Scaife Gender Reveal!!!!

Well looks like our predictions were spot on, all signs point to a baby girl!!!

After 2 separate ultrasounds by 2 different people.. Lots of running in place, coughing, jumping jacks, sneezing.. We were able to confirm that our sweet little loves is a girl!! 

We were able to have a quick gender reveal for both sides of the family.. Both my sister and sil didn't want to wait.. They had to know right away!!!

My mom was the first to know since she was watching Landon. She didn't want to wait for my dad and she wore pink because she had a feeling... 

Then we facetimed my Inlaws and had my sil pick up pink flowers and deliver them. They were so so excited! 

My dad rushed home from work so we could reveal. He did call 2 times to check and see if we had results.

After the parents found out, we texted the siblings & nieces. We then sent out an email/text to aunts & uncles.. Waited for about 3 hours before we revealed via Instagram & Facebook. 

We are beyond excited that our 2nd baby is a girl!!! 

Next up, picking names & planning her nursery!