Monday, December 30, 2013

Toddler Meals: take out

We often order take out for dinner. This is a quick lesson on how to order take out & make it "healthy" for your children.

Thai Food:
I love Thai food. Any Asian food is a favorite of Landon and I!  Landon loves seafood, so I ordered shrimp pad Thai, brown rice & egg rolls. Simple, easy and pretty heathy because he gets protein, carbs and vegetables. 

Flame Broiler:

Introducing pieces of meat: now that Landon is older, I try to incorporate meat 1-2x a day in his diet. I will often either carry my own scissors in his food bag or I will request a pair at a restaurant. 

But he loves steak & rice.. Loves it more with eggs & broccoli. I cut the pieces of meat super small so it's easy to eat and chew. 

I will also request at most restaurants to prepare our vegetables extra well done, then I can cut it up with scissors and mix it in his food.


Pho (noodle soup) is a big thing in my home... Truth is, he will eat a bowl of soup over a sandwich any day.

When I prepare a bowl for Landon, I don't just give him noodles.. I make his bowl with everything!!! He eats pho with beef slices, noodles, chicken, bean sprouts, cilantro, green onions and sometimes, I'll add mix veggies. I also add 1 small drop of sirracha and hoisin sauce into the broth. He can eat this on repeat multiple times a week. I will often swap out noodles with brown rice. 

There you go, take out. When we eat at the restaurant, I always pack raisins, fruit, string cheese & crackers to take with me... I've also carried a container of cooked peas as well. 

Bon Appitite! 


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    1. We do chicken pho a lot!!

      One pot if water
      One onion
      One whole organic chicken

      Cook until done.. Let cool.. Then shred chicken

      We also cook ground beef with it (on the side) with garlic and onions

      Cook noodles per directions

      Serve with noodles, shredded chicken and ground beef.. Broth, onions, scallions, mint and bean sprouts!

      Next day, dice veggies and make veggie soup!