Thursday, December 12, 2013

Toddler Meals: keeping things simple

Ok... easy meals.. There are days we attempt to make life easy by cracking open a box of Mac & cheese, slap sandwiches together or make our meals from scratch.. Here are some simple options:

Boxed meals

Landon is not picky about much, but he isn't a fan of mashed potatoes or Mac & cheese. I've tried introducing it in 6 different ways, but I think it's the sauce that makes him cranky... It doesn't stop me from trying it over & over again.. 

Mac & cheese, hamburger style is my favorite thing!!! I added mushrooms and onions as well.. He did end up eating it once I added spaghetti sauce, but I mainly served it so he could "try". I ate most of it! Delicious! I always introduce a Variety of sides, cheese, raisins and different fruits.. We will often eat the same type of fruit 2-3x a week.. Since he gets large servings of fruit at least 2-3x a day, I make sure he gets vegetables at least 1x... But when I can, (at least every other morning), I'll make veggie omelets. 


this one is a pretty easy one. We usually always have rice on hand.. I also have chicken broth in 6oz boxes. I heat soup with rice & veggies for 30 minutes on low. This is a Great meal on cold days. I serve soup at room temperature and he loves it! 

Baked meals: 

I often use a conventional oven to make easy meals.. Naan bread is amazing because it's ready made.. Making pizza only takes about 10 minutes @ 350•. We use organic spaghetti sauce with mushrooms, meatballs, pepperoni and bell peppers.. We are also practicing "nut eating" with Landon's teeth coming in, we love chopping up nuts so he can practice chewing. We also make sure it's salt less nuts.

we are not huge sandwich eaters... I actually freeze a loaf of bread once i purchase because it takes us about a few months to finish it. But as an easy meal, I will encourage him to have a sandwiches... He will eat everything before he touches his sandwich. 

Hope you guys like them! Bon appetite!