Monday, April 21, 2014

Easter 2014

Happy Easter Everyone! We had to cancel all of our Easter plans since I'm on very strict bedrest. My brother and SIL was nice enough to take Landon Easter egg hunting!

They took him to a place where they had over 50,000 eggs! It was so cute watching him collect eggs! 

On Easter morning, we let him come down stairs and open his basket from the Easter bunny! 

His basket was filled with "easy junk". Just simple things that he could play with and toss. His big ticket item was a Mr. Potato head. His favorite was a slinky.

After his nap.. My brother and sister came over to gift him some baskets! We also gifted my niece a basket for her 1st Easter. 

My sister gave Landon the cutest dinosaur basket. 

It goes great with his current dinosaur obsession. 

We got pictures of the kids together. Seeing Landon next to Mia, he looked sooo big and grown up! He's so sweet with her too! 

And a photo of Landon with my husband the day before Easter... My 2 handsome guys! 

And last but not least.. A family selfie! 

I hope you all had a lovely Easter! What did your family do with all the candy and sweets? I'm about to get gestational diabetes! 

Oh before I forget, my Easter chalkboard!


  1. That was nice of L's aunt and uncle to take him eastering! Love his basket, lots of little fun things - just what kids want. I've seen the slinky a couple times in baskets now, I'll have to remember that for Aria down the road. So fun, classic! That dino hat is awesome too =) Him and his cousin are just the cutest!

    1. A slinky is def a must!! Thank you so much!