Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Landon is 22 Months

Say it ain't so!!! 22 months??? It's much easier to accept his 2nd birthday is around the corner because we are expecting a little one in a few weeks.

Weight: ranges between 24.5-27 lbs.. But he loves to weigh himself 1-5x a day. 

Health: very healthy this past month and he's doing really well! 

Diet: loves vietnamese food. LOVES it. 

Social: he had a play date with my sister and her friends daughter. He's such a ladies man! 

Sleep: naps are 12:30/1- 2:30/3. And 8-7:30. 2-3x this month he slept until 8:30.... It was awesome! 

Crying: like this? Lol just kidding. We rarely get years.. But there's been a lot of whining.... And we redirect when he's misbehaving. We also have him sit with his hands in his lap when he's disobedient. You can really tell when he knows he's done something wrong.. Because he says "uh oh" and if I correct his behavior, he will cry.

Loves: dinosaurs and pop up books. I mean obsessed with it!!! 

Clothes: size 18 & 24, some 2T. Shoes 6. 

Milestones- he's in underwear all day except naps, bedtime and when we leave the house. He has maybe 1 accident a day. 

Must Haves: smoothies (he calls "joose"), he must have a blanket and his dog sitting on his lap.. Dinosaurs, walks and mama.

Teeth: 15! I felt 1 back molar so looks like his last set of teeth are coming...lots of extra drooling. We doubled up on his amber necklace!

Oh and he loves his dada-daddy. Since I've been on bed rest, my husband has really stepped up and they are best friends! I love watching them bond! 

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