Thursday, April 10, 2014

Toddler Activities: Slime

It's amazing to see how a $3 container of slime can provide hours and days of fun!!! 

If you're worried about making a mess, I'll be honest... it makes ZERO and its worth EVERY PENNY!

When I introduced this, I said, "Landon, do you want to play with Slime?"

he said "no". No is his new favorite word.

I took this as an opportunity to teach him how to follow instructions. First I said: "here, you open" and I showed him how, closed it and handed him the container.

Once the container was open, I said, "turn it upside down" when he did, the slime plopped out. He was fascinated!!

simple instructions:

"touch it"
"pick it up"
"not in your mouth"
"use 2 hands"

once we made it clear that he couldn't put it in his mouth, he started to really pull it apart and play with it!

his favorite thing to do was "clean up". Actually, it's all he does when I hand him slime, open it, dump it, clean it up, put the cap back on... simple yet enjoyable!

after about 2 weeks, the slime stopped being gooey and would come apart easily so we replaced it. such a fun activity and totally recommended.

**you don't need an apron, we were painting right before this activity!**


  1. The best ever! When I'm babysitting my nephew, I'll use it and I'm sure I can have time to cook a special dinner.

    1. Yes! It's so much cleaner than I thought! Have fun!