Monday, April 14, 2014

"G" is for Glitz, Glam, Girl.. A Baby Shower for Lucy

Over the weekend, my sister, sister in law and best friend threw me a little shower. Here are my invitations.. LOVE!!

Originally, my shower was scheduled at my moms house, but with me being placed on bed rest and my OB constantly suggesting I be admitted to the hospital... I began to panic and had my sister cancel the shower... It was really stressful!

My sister talked me into having my shower and we switched it to one of my favorite restaurants. It was perfect! I honestly couldn't have asked for a better shower!

It was quaint, lovely and I loved catching up with my family and friends who are all new parents as well!!!

I feel so blessed to have such sweet family and friends who made it out to celebrate!! 

Here are more details!


The food was amazing!! I had a pizza with pepperoni, spicy peppers & sausage. The strawberry lemonade dipped in pop rocks was delicious! 

Dessert was from Casey's cupcakes! 

Funfetti!! My FAVORITE!! I had funfetti cake at Landon's shower as well!! It's my favorite!

I saw these canvas bags on Pinterest and I had to have them!! 

My sil filled the bags with Essie nail polish and mani ped kit! Soooo cute! 

We had a simple game that gave us tons of laughs!! I wasn't even close to winning but we had such a good laugh! 

It really was more than I could ever ask for and it makes me so excited for Lucy's arrival!