Saturday, January 28, 2012

baby Dreams are sometimes creepy.

I would have to say 100%, I'm really blessed with NO MAJOR pregnancy symptoms. It seems like I'm living my everyday life. No morning sickness, no weird stretch marks (thank you jesus!), my appetite is somewhat the same.. I can eat anything and everything except fish.

so if all my pregnancies are THIS blessed, I would love to continue having kids.

Now here comes the fun part... Dreaming.

I read in a book that dreams can be pretty intense.

the other night, I dreamt I had a do over wedding. It was so intense, my husband recorded me talking in my sleep. he was asking me questions like "how many bridesmaids do you want?" I said "3". then he asked, who are your bridesmaids, I said "people". the best question was, "what color is your dress" and I said, "I can't wear white anymore!"

what on earth???

the other dream I had was very vivid. I dreamt that I was part of a reality game show where they paired pregnant women together, gave them life jackets, a little motor boat, net and rope and we had to catch as many alligators as possible. I remember being very pregnant and watched as the other women gathered in their boats.

I was tossing and turning in my sleep moving around like crazy (practically freaking my husband out!) and in my dream, I watched as this giant speed boat came rushing at the group and one of the boats and the two women fell into the swamp!!! I LITERALLY SCREAMED in my sleep... waking up in tears.

i laugh about this crazy dream now but I was very traumatized about it for awhile.

why aren't my dreams nurturing??

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