Sunday, January 22, 2012

Catching up!

Hi There!!

SOoOOoOo Sorry for all the lack of blogging! I've been ultra busy and now I have time catch up!

Since we don't know exactly how far along I am.. here are some bump photos I've been taking weekly...

this is me @ about 13 or so weeks...

after this photo... I started working VERY hard. I run a Bridal Party Boutique: and life just past me by!

here is my belly at the most recent week... maybe 15 weeks? I'll know for sure how far along I am Feb 1st. I'm sorry I'm not 100% certain!

the reality has finally hit. I am officially showing, HARDCORE. this is a solid bump.. and I feel the baby flutters. Its stronger when I have soda.. its such a lovely and amazing feeling!!

Now every time my husband sees me in the morning dressed... he stares and says "Oh, babe... you're showing"... which makes me change..and then change again. I go through my closet everyday!!! Looks like it's time to do some serious shopping!

Here is a picture from this weekend... we went to San Diego for 24 hours with my husband and our friends the "Millers" to visit Kenny...

this is the outfit that made me look the least pregnant in the club!

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