Wednesday, January 4, 2012

My Growing Little Chicken McNugget!

We went to visit the doctor today. According to My OB, the baby is supposed to be 12 weeks 3 days... but well, it is measured 14weeks 1 days... A bigger growing baby is much better than an underweight baby.. so that's always a good sign right??

so, at our next appointment we will find out the real delivery date.

we are over the moon about seeing our little McNugget grow, its getting so big!! spine.. head.. hands.. fingers feet.. soOOOo big. it's big as an orange and I've gained about 8 lbs total. not bad.

I'm still eating my usual: Healthy Healthy.. then burgers cheeseburgers and bacon burgers. its a hot mess up in here.

xoxoox love the baby!

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