Tuesday, January 31, 2012

words to live by...

I've decided what kind of mom I would love to be, and I saw this the other day and I think it fits perfectly with my philosophy. I want a son that is kind, thoughtful and well-rounded. I want him to be a great son, grandson, nephew, cousin, brother... I want to raise him right!! Most of all, I want him to be successful!!

I hope that I'm a good mother. I know my husband will be a GREAT dad. he is all the stuff I want my son to be (minus the obsession with UFC... he's perfect). So when I saw this quote, I thought, Why can't everyone be like this?? You can't expect to be treated with kindness when you're unhappy and negative. I want Baby to be happy like me. nothing really ever gets me down. I want my little baby to learn how to brush off the dust when he falls. I want him to stand strong but not be a bully... so this, THIS is perfect.

Little Man, Please grow up to be kind. your daddy will teach you manners and I will teach you how to LOVE!

Love, Mommy

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