Wednesday, February 1, 2012

18 week check up

Yikes I'm totally behind and I feel terrible!

At our 17 week check up, the doctor did a quick ultrasound scan! He confirmed that we are at 18 weeks officially.

Oh baby, you are skipping milestones! I want to enjoy every minute of my pregnancy. Let's not be in any hurry to come out sooner than you should!!

Dr's comments:

"yep, that's a boy"
"still measuring big, about 18 weeks so that's good"
"next ultrasound will be the BIG one where we check out his organs and measure all the good stuff"
"he's so healthy, I'm impressed"
"have fun in Hawaii".

My OB looks like Micheal Bay.

Anyway, I've gained 12 lbs in my pregnancy. I can still fit in size small dresses. My Bra size went from a 34 A to a 34C. I did buy a 34B maternity bra but it was so uncomfortable that I couldn't stand it.

I find that low rise shorts are the most comfy! I went from a size 3- to a 7? Seems like my butt is growing as fast as my tummy.

Btw, we r in Hawaii this week for our babymoon and I'll be relaxing on the beach for 9 days!

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