Monday, February 13, 2012


When someone asked me if I was planning on babymooning, I asked 2 questions, "WTH is a babymoon" and "Can we have a babymoon?"

the first question was answered with "its the must have vacation before you have a baby" and the word "Must Have" meant I didn't want to miss out.

the second question was answered with a FEW questions by my husband "what is a babymoon?" also "are you making this up?" and then, his work decided to send us to Hawaii.. so I couldn't pass on this opportunity so we booked it and he even flew us first class!!

So here are some amazing photos of our trip:

this photo was taken from Paia. its a little hippy town where all the surfers go. Also, we enjoyed lunch there at a little place called flatbread (everything is organic!!

My Babymoon Gift! SO before we left for our trip, my husband's wallet fell apart. After looking for a few days, I couldn't find the same type of wallet he wanted. In Wailea, there was a shopping center next to our hotel, so one night we walked there to find him a new wallet. We were pretty successful in Gucci so When I went to gift him his wallet, the sales lady handed me a HUGE bag!

"Big Bag for a wallet!" I said... and to my surprise, she said "this is actually a gift from your husband. He wanted to thank you for the baby!"

SOooOOoo AMAZING, a baby bag for little McNugget! I love it!

so this might look a little shocking.. BUT let me explain.. So at first, I thought, "How will I ever be in Hawaii in a bikini"... but to my surprise, I'm quite comfortable in my new body and though I'm gaining weight faster than the speed of light, I'm still very excited to see the me. So here I am, 18 weeks, 5 days in a bikini. Baby bump in ALL it's glory.

He saw his first Luau.

favorite dinner place in Paia "Mama's Fish House". it is AMAZING!!

sooOOoo yummy!

My second favorite place is called Hula called Kaanapali. I had a fresh salad, fresh bread, and the ribs with rice. SOOOoOOo yummy!!

The little souvenir my husband got for little baby McNugget was soOOo adorable!

Well, I must say, this vacation was relaxing and much needed. Thank you HUBBY!! You have given me and Baby McNugget the best life ever!! u r the best!

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