Thursday, February 16, 2012

20 weeks today + valentines day!

So this week we celebrated valentines day! We got my husband a little card to tell him how much we LOVE & Appreciate him for everything he does for me, baby Mc Nugget, our pets (Maddox, Leiah-Bear, Nacho & Randy (the fish). I think he liked it, my hubby LOVES cards!

He gifted us some amazing gifts!

I decided to start blogging a little differently.. let me know if you like it!

I'll make sure to post a photo tomorrow.

How far along? 20 weeks today!

Total weight gain/loss? The last Doctors appointment- They said I gained 12lbs. (feb 1st).

Maternity clothes? I must admit, I've been doing some shopping. I bought a few shirts, more belly bands, dresses and stuff... it IS pretty comfortable! HOWEVER, I still fit in some regular small dresses & tops, Medium bottoms (shorts)!

Stretch marks? None on my tummy, I've been lathering coco butter like my life depended on it. I AM SUPER DRY now so Im lathering ALL day. I've had stretch marks my whole life since high school. I blame the junk in my trunk but no new stretch marks are on my bootylicious butt so thats good.

Sleep? I love sleeping. I could sleep all day if you let me. :) last night I had 12 hours of sleep!!

Best moment last week? at 19 weeks 3 days, we felt the baby kick!! My husband got to feel it and it was VERY VERY cool! <3 br="">
Movement? I feel him swirling around, but not like last week!

Food cravings? where's the beef (as usual- I love korean BBQ)?? fruit, ice cream.. I can eat ice cream every night. and I want birthday cake.

Gender? A boy!!

Labor signs? my tummy feels super tight at the end of the day. sometimes it's hard to move around.

Belly button in/out? In. it makes me look lumpy... i have a VERY deep belly button!

What I miss: clubbing, dancing, drinking, and looking pretty.

What I am looking forward to: relaxing!! I've been working super hard and its a little stressful!

Milestones: no milestones this week!

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