Monday, February 20, 2012

Nursery.. registering... researching.. OH MY!

I spent a majority of my weekend researching and registering for Mc Nugget. I mainly used the registry as an organizing tool for items that I need, want, or think I want for my little journey into parenting.

It's great to have feedback from family and friends, I also read a lot of blogs, reviews and spent most of my time weighing my options. I must say, it was tedious and extremely overwhelming.

in the end, I'm pretty satisfied with all of my choices and I hope I made the right decisions on most items. If I didn't, it'll be a lesson worth learning and it'll only make me a better parent. Besides, just because the item received an A rating doesn't mean baby McNugget will like it!!!

so onto some good news.. today we both had the day off so we woke up early and headed out. Not really expecting to buy anything, I just wanted reassurance with some items. First, the nursery. I've been really trying to narrow down a theme. I liked the airplane theme because I want McNugget to shoot for the stars! I did want a calming environment for him and wanted him to thrive!!

so when we walked into this little boutique, first off, there was a 50% off sale... second... the baby bedding was Airplane theme. oooh.. I went banana sandwiches over it.

how could I pass???? Completely excited over the bedding.. we added a little rug, lamp, curtains, blanket, and extra fitted sheets.

then we travelled over to a furniture store to take a look. They also had a sale (No sales tax)... we looked around and gathered pamphlets, looking over price, sat in some rocking chairs... after about 30 minutes, we started to leave... until I saw something that caught my eye.

after looking at this particular set up, we realized it was the favorite and best furniture we've seen... so my husband decided "it is worth every penny if I don't have to look at any more baby furniture"... soOOoo, we now have a complete nursery (almost)... We went with the brand "Munire". The Majestic collection was our favorite (we got married on the yacht majestic)!! the best thing my husband said was, "we need to get him a hutch.. he'll have lots of trophies" lol.

so here are some photos!

and lastly, we decided on a baby mattress... Brand is called Moonlight Slumber. the collection is: Starlight Support Supreme.

Why did I decide on this brand? well, first off its PVC Free, fire Resistant, waterproof, antimicrobial (HUGE DEAL!!), bedbug prof, tight fit (edge to edge so the baby can't slip his legs in the corner, dual firmness and memory foam on the other side...

so the best thing is, you don't need a bed cover. so if there are accidents, you just wipe it clean!
also the baby starts off on the infant side of the mattress and when he's a toddler, you flip the mattress for the memory foam. :)
lastly I like it because it will last him for at least 6-7 years before we convert it to a full size bed.

my husbands favorite thing about ordering everything today... for $127 bucks, they deliver AND build the furniture for u! wooOo hoOOo!

well little Nugget, We hope you LOVE your nursery!! You better love it! you only have about 2 months in my room until we move you into your dope ass room!!


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