Tuesday, February 7, 2012

The Emotional Terror From Missing Breakfast

There's been an emotional rollercoaster since last night. I'm not sure why, perhaps the lack of eating all the things I think I want to eat with the things I am actually forced to eat due to convience or perhaps it's the stormy weather that just rolled in. But something inside me has snapped.

After cocktail hour for my husbands work last night, we walked to the wailea shops for dinner. Though nothing sounded exciting to me, we settled for cheeseburgers. I think the two scoops of ice cream started the domino effect that has left my poor husband still scratching his head.

Before bed, I told my husband I would wake up and have breakfast at the hotel while he worked at his conference. He asked me to wait for him and he would have breakfast with me.

During the night, I had this crazy dream that we pulled off the road to get gas and were held at gun point while a group of people robbed us. I remember being shot at and the guy running off with my purse and wallet.
I remember the robber that the gun to my head threatening to pull the trigger of I didn't give him my engagement ring.
I woke up to use the bathroom and the tv remote was pressed against my head. I went straight back to bed and my dream changed to a scene where my husband had grabbed the robbers gun and we were holding everyone hostage. We robbed the gas station and continue to do so at 4-5 other places.

3 words... What on earth??

Anyway, this morning I woke up and I got ready for breakfast. Then I waited and waited & he never came back to get me!! By 10:45 by the time he actually returned to the hotel I was practically running to the restruarant!!

I completely missed breakfast and I was fuming!! It was all I wanted as he dragged me to the stupid ocean front cafe to eat lunch. I literally sat there in tears eating a stupid hot dog while he watched whales jumping out of the water enjoying his fish tacos. Ughhhh missing breakfast has completely ruined my day, to the point where I'm forced to lay in bed and take a nap @ 5:30pm.

I swear, I need to shake off this funk!

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