Tuesday, February 28, 2012

My Mid-Pregnancy Screening

Well, Looks like McNugget is an overachiever! He measured around the 98th percentile for growth and development. He weighs over a pound and he's got "Really Long Legs and Arms" (Like his mommy). so here are some of our ultrasound pictures today! It always feels amazing to see the little guy! Now that I feel him kicking around in there, I'm more at ease!

So here he is... a full profile view with his long legs and arms... just hanging out.

and here is his face... looking right at the camera! It's pretty creepy! but she said.. "say cheese baby!" and there it was.. his whole face.

last is his money shot... We realized we never got the the shot that showed his boy parts... So the Ultrasound tech was kind enough to get a snapshot... apparently McNugget is not shy about his goodies. lol!

and lastly, here is a video of his beating heart! <3 br="">

The Doctor has advised that since I have Lupus, I should now have a restrictive diet of No sugar... or VERY VERY little amounts of sugar. Why? Because sugar makes the baby grow bigger, or bigger than he should... and we want to have a natural birth and avoid a C-Section.

Ideally, a C-Section for me- would mean that I it would take much longer to heal and I would have a harder time transitioning from pregnancy to motherhood. the last time I had stitches, it took 1 year to officially close.

so for the next 5 months..
no juice
no cake
no ice cream
no white bread
no pasta
no RICE?!?!?!!?! I'm asian. I live off of rice!!

He even blocked me from buying girl scout cookies.... he had 4 cases in his office and a sign that said $4.00 a box.. and I couldn't even buy 1 box!! Boo.

anyway.. what I need to eat/drink.. water water water. more water all day. (luckily I TONS of water)!!

well, that's it for now!


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