Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Gender Reveal...

We were excited to find out the baby's gender today, so to visit my parents and let them reveal the gender was super special to us!!

Here is a video of my husband and I wishing my parents a year of Good Luck, Good Health and happiness.. we then gave them a lucky envelope to open. In this envelope, it revealed the gender!!

and here are photos of our little Nugget at his 16 weeks 5 days. He weighs 5 ounces.. and is healthy healthy healthy!!

aww did you see his little button nose??? so cute.

Here is a photo of our ultrasound tech pointing at his boy parts..

and here is the baby sucking his thumb!

she kept saying.. he's sOOoo photogenic! and he was...

the last photo is of the baby and my husband.. and I must admit, they have the same features! same nose, chin/jaw... lips. long legs, long arms.. soOOo cute!

what do you think??

Feb 1st is my next appointment, I can't wait!! Grow little baby!

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