Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Toddler Meals: BLD

BLD: breakfast.lunch.dinner

Landon's biggest meal of the day is breakfast! We love Portuguese sausage. It's mild, not greasy and it tastes delicious with rice and eggs! Waffles are easy, we just throw them in the toaster oven and serve with bananas & yogurt! 

We rarely eat sandwiches, I'm trying to add it into our weekly meals because they're easy to make. So for lunch, we grilled up some turkey & cheese sandwiches, served crackers with hummus and cut grapes. Quickly devoured! 

Dinner is a "eat what we eat" meal. Now that Landon is using utensils, he loves LOVES pick up foods! We are still trying to get him to pick up vegetables to eat, so offering a fork really helps! 


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