Sunday, October 20, 2013

Toddler Activities: Colander and Pipe cleaners

All these items can be purchased at the dollar tree. 1 colander and a few pipe cleaners.. This is a great activity for a toddler to practice fine motor skills. It takes great concentration to stick a floppy pipe cleaner into a small hole.

While Landon explores with this project, we talk about color.. Ex: that purple one can stick in here. Good job! You stuck the purple one!" A child loves receiving praise when he is successful!! 

We also talk about the activity.. "Can you stick the yellow one in this hole?" 

We teach him that there are different ways to solve problems.. So he can see how the pipe cleaners function on both sides.. 

When he's all done, I teach him how to pull it out and put his activity away. It's important for him to learn how to start something and then when he's finished, put it away. It'll develops into a normal everyday activity to clean, instead of a chore.

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