Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Halloween Flashback

My husband and I have spent 6 halloweens together! I thought it would be fun to look back and reminisce with Halloween! 

Our 1st Halloween together, we went as jazzercise instructors.. 

It was my first of many halloweens with our good friends Vanessa and Andrew. 

Our 2nd Halloween, we went with a group theme.. We went as the YMCA. My husband was the cowboy and I was the Indian. 

Here is a group photo.. Don't mind the drunk man in our photo lol! My best friend Jenn joined us this year! 

Our 3rd Halloween we started celebrating in San Diego! 
The girls went as Alice in Wonderland

 My husband ditched me to start doing themes with His best friend... They went as the duo from "blades of glory"

During our 4th Halloween, again he dressed up with Andrew..

Jenn & I decided to go as superheroes. I went as Wonder Woman.. I glittered my own costume (in a kids size) and it was pretty awesome! Jenn went as Zena. 
My husband went as " Semi Pro". yes, it seems like he loves wearing wigs!

Our 5th Halloween, the girls went with corsets and tutus while my husband and his friend went as dumb and dumber.

 I was a macaw! (One of my prettiest costumes)! A week after Halloween, I found out I was pregnant! 

Here are the boys.. 

Our 6th Halloween, we had Landon! We've always dressed up the dogs so I was excited to go as "The Wizard of Oz"... Josh refused to join us because he didn't want his friends to make fun of him.. But it was my all time favorite costume theme EVER!! 

We still went to San Diego to party while my MIL & SIL came to visit. They stayed with Landon in a hotel while we went out for the night.  

My husband went as Joe Paterno and his friends went as the victims.
I wasn't a fan of the boys costume idea, however, I still made their shirts and my husbands jacket.

The Picture above might be our last "party" Halloween together. This year, Vanessa is due with her first baby (due this weekend!) so we will take it easy and stay home, take Landon trick or treating & pass out candy.

As a side costume, my sister and SIL went as slutty ghosts to mess with my aunt who happens to live down the street... We couldn't resist! I'm still laughing about this one! 

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