Monday, September 30, 2013

National Breast Cancer Awareness Month- Price is Right Episode!

A few weeks ago, Guliana Rancic posted on her Instagram about a special breast cancer episode for The Price Is Right... My mom LOVES the price is right... she has watched it religiously since 1978. She has always dreamed about playing this game show- and I wanted to do this for her!

I went to get tickets and wrote in about my mom's condition. I haven't really blogged about my mom's recent battles with cancer- I think it deserves it's own post- but for now, know that my mother is a breast cancer survivor since March 2013.

within 2-3 minutes of registering, I was emailed 2 tickets to the show. Convincing my mom to go was harder than I thought. I had to track her health and make sure she was able to handle the day. It was over 10 hours from the minute we left the house until I dropped her off. Since she's currently in treatment, I didn't want to over exert her. We decided NOT to go until that morning when I took her temperature, made sure her IV's were properly flushed then I checked and double checked that she was feeling well enough to go... 

The process to attend the show is tedious and strenuous. 

**First off- if you're going to have a Cancer Special with Cancer Patients who are currently in treatment, it's probably best to NOT make your guest stand in the sun. Many of the patients left because they were in radiation treatment and couldn't risk being out in the heat.** 

WE came prepared!! We had packed lunch, 3 bottles of water (2 cold and 1 frozen), an umbrella.. and if I was smart, I should have brought her a camping chair... We stood in line for 45 minutes before they issued us a number- In line, there were random boulders- I had her sit on them while we waited. She brought an umbrella and that really helped keep her out of the sun ... Once we got our number- our 5 hour journey began.. 

We waited for 5 hours to register, get our photo taken, get interviewed and go through security... before we entered the studio. In 5 hours, we waited in 3 lines... got our photos taken twice.. ate lunch, ate snacks.. drank all our water and finished 2 MORE bottles (5 total)... had a group interview and then found our seats for the show... it was exhausting!

I have never seen my mom so excited about life.. she cheered, hollered and was full of smiles. We didn't get picked- BUT the lady next to us did!! She was the 5th contestant to be called!!! 

I snuck my phone into the studio (shame on me) and took some great photos of me and my mom!!

We got to meet Drew Carey and Guliana Rancic! 

We got Guliana's autograph and the announcer!

The best thing about the show was seeing how happy my mom was. She had so much fun! They gave all the members in the audience REALLY nice gifts too! I already saw them on ebay the other day. lol

It was such an amazing experience to have with my mom. She is a fighter, a survivor, a warrior. I don't know how she finds the strength to keep fighting, but she does and she is my hero for it. My mom is my hero, I have so much respect for her and I am beyond blessed that she is my mother!!! Please keep her in your daily prayers- she is fighting a battle that seems never ending but I know she will persevere. she is strong and incredible!!

Keep an eye out for us on October 1st @ 10 AM PST or 11 AM ET on CBS!!!


  1. Such a fun day and a great present from you! I'm sure she enjoyed herself and it helped take her mind off of her sickness. Great pictures! I love Guilianna - I watch her show all of the time - she seems very sweet.

    1. She was so nice!!! It was such a fun show!

  2. This is so cool, your mom is a true fighter!

    1. Yes! 3 different cancers and she's beat it all!