Friday, September 6, 2013

My 34th Birthday Weekend

This weekend we celebrated my GASP.. 34th Birthday. EEP! I remember thinking "30+ is old.." I'm OLD.

My husband decided to book a weekend getaway with our little family to Santa Barbara, CA. I was very excited because I've been talking about traveling to SB for about a year. 

SB is such a pretty little town. We stayed at the Indigo Hotel. It's one of the few places that allow Dogs. We were a little shocked when we arrived. Our room was the size of Landon's nursery and the bathroom was the size of our closet... It was COZY.. but we made it work. After the shock wore off.. My husband took the baby and dogs on a walk so I could unpack and organize. I literally removed EVERYTHING from the room... I unplugged the phone and left it as a toy for Landon to play with and everything else (coffee maker, cups, glasses, papers, pens, etc) went into a bin and placed up high in our closet. I unpacked us and placed our luggage under the bed. We also put Landon's crib into the bathroom so Landon could have space to run around and sleep in privacy. We are pros when utilizing space. 

Our first dinner was on the pier. We ate at the Harbor Restaurant.. it was pretty good! It was the perfect meal with beautiful views after a long day of traveling!

We took a stroll after dinner check out the town. Its SUCH a pretty little place. 

This town is so quaint and lovely. We walked around that morning after breakfast before we headed to Butterfly beach (nicest beach in SB)

The second night, we got a little dressed up to have sushi at Arigato. Hands down... one of my New FAVORITE places for sushi. You can't go wrong with anything on their menu! they didn't have your usual rolls, but we were pleasantly surprised with their recommendations! We loved it! Landon loved it too! He had rice with Miso Soup, steamed gyoza and his go to roll is avocado with rice and seaweed.

On Sunday, we headed to Solvang. Its a little dutch town about 45 minutes away. It was the cutest little town EVER. Its filled with bakeries and little wine shops. I was so excited!

You see these little windmills everywhere!!

all the little shops, hotels and restaurants have these little photo booths everywhere. We took advantage of them whenever we could.

We saw a bunch of people walking around with viking hats. SO CUTE!

We had a romantic dinner at Root 246 at Hotel Corque. It had amazing reviews on Open Table. The food was very healthy and tasty too! I would recommend eating here instead of at a bakery.

The morning of my birthday, we had breakfast at the AMAZING Andersen's Danish Bakery & Restaurant.

We enjoyed Quiche and Danishes. Landon is into scrambled eggs right now.. he loves eggs with breakfast and he also loves fruit and bacon. 

Another breakfast restaurant we enjoyed on our trip wasTupelo Junction Cafe. It also had high ratings on yelp, so we tried it out and LOVED it. 

When we got home from our trip, my sister met as at BJ's Brewery for a Birthday pazookie. 

33 was such an amazing year for me.. I can only hope 34 is just as adventurous. I wanted to personally thank my husband for such a sweet birthday weekend. It was exactly what I needed!



  1. Aww, what a lovely surprise! Your husband did well! Love the pictures, such a beautiful family :)

  2. What a nice trip! Looks like a lot of fun :)

    1. It was such a fun trip! Very relaxing and full of great food!

  3. Replies
    1. It was!! I recommend Santa Barbara any day!!