Friday, September 20, 2013

Landon's Date Night: Pretend City

My sister, who loves Landon SO much, has requested a monthly date night with him. I decided to document their adventures! 

We live in Orange County, CA so there's so much stuff they can do together. On their first outing, she took him to Pretend City located in Irvine. When they walked away hand in hand, I literally cried. It's so great that he has an aunty that wants to spend time with him and he loves her so much!! 

Pretend City is a little discovery center for young children to explore, discover and play. It's a little interactive town! This place is a little gem! 

When you enter the city, there's an art center, library.. This place is simple and fun. I love that they make it kid friendly for children of all ages! He was able to reach anything and everything. It wasn't gimmicky like chuck e cheese where you have to spend a ton of money... It was also small enough that he could run around freely and not get lost!

His favorite activity was grocery shopping for cauliflower.. He kept buying cauliflower then returning it. 

He was OBSESSED with home living, at home he gets excited to use the blender, vacuum and blow dryer!

The arts & craft center was super cute! They offer 3 crafts a day. 

The farm had real live chickens for kids observe. Adorable right? 

Water town was a great place too! There's really nothing bad here! Everything is perfect for a child his age!

Through the town, there were different cars to ride.. He loved the gas station, fire station and the police station.

Thanks Aunty Cat! Where are you taking him next?!!! 


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    1. Isn't it cute? Looks like they had a blast... I had an amazing massage lol