Saturday, September 14, 2013

Toddler Activities: Bottles & sticks

Recently, while at the beach, Landon was fixated on putting a straw into a cup.. He's been doing this for months.. In fact, we always provide a Togo cup, lid and a straw to keep him busy at restaurants so we can finish our meals.

Start with an empty water bottle, glow sticks, straws and pipe cleaners.. 

Test it to make sure it'll be awesome

I showed Landon how to work the bottle and he took over.

He didn't like the rings.. So he threw them aside. 

He loved the glow sticks! I buy these in bulk at the dollar store!

He screamed every time he touched a pipe cleaner. I'm guessing the texture creeped him out!

This is such a fun and easy activity! Try it out!

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