Sunday, September 15, 2013

Landon is 15 months

Landon turned 15 months 3 days ago. How does it happen so quickly? Where does the time go?? I guess we're having too much fun!

Weight: We haven't had an official doctors weigh in, but he fluctuates between 21-24lbs. It all depends on the time of day. He definitely had a growth spurt recently, we're finding that his seat belts are a little short!

Health: We are SUPER healthy and active, I'm nervous for winter to come but hopefully we won't have it too hard. We have to be extremely careful with Landon's health since my mom is in treatment (for cancer). If we slightly think someone is coming down with anything (sniffling, sneezing, belly ache) we stay quarantined for 4-5 days to make sure we don't pass anything to my mom!

Sleep: Jeez, everyday is a gamble. Overall he's a very good sleeper. He ranges between 12-14 hours a day. Some days he takes 1.5-3 hour naps.. some days he takes one nap others two... bed time is the same routine. I noticed that no matter what time he goes to bed, he wakes up at the same time everyday. 7-7:30. We're travelling a lot and I'm just now realizing what a crazy sleeper he is. He is like a Tasmanian devil in bed.. he tosses and turns... talks and laughs in his sleep.. its nuts!

Diet:  currently inhales anything and everything. If he isn't in the mood to eat something, I puree it and dip it in yogurt. if he absolutely hates something, I will feed it everyday for breakfast lunch and dinner until he accepts it. he loves food.  We're having issues with Landon LOVING food (especially sweets and snacks) so much that he will go around and ask people for food... aunts, uncles.. and as much as everyone loves him, I don't want him sharing food with other people or children... HOW do I make it stop?

Social:  Landon is super social. he enjoys waving and saying "hi" to everyone around him. He also says "bye bye" to everyone that passes him. He enjoys walking the mall now so that's a lot of fun... NOT!! He is enrolled in swimming and gymnastics. I think I might pick up a gymboree music class this month and we are now members of pretend city... a little "town" where kids can go play. 

Crying: Last month, we had issues with me leaving him.. lately, he's "accepted" that this is life. He no longer cries when I leave him. He's pretty tough! We get a little fake cry when he falls- but this kid is super careful. He is very inquisitive and safe, he will methodically think about every move his makes. He is amazing at figuring out stuff. I love to watch him explore with purpose!

LOVES: balls, cars, climbing, swinging, water, swimming, his dogs, books, puzzles, stacking toys and going on rides with his bike, wagon and car.

Clothes: we are in a weird range of clothing sizes... h&m: 6-9 & 9-12. Gap, old navy and Zara: 12-18 months. carters: 18-24. its crazy how much sizes run! Seeing him with other children his age, I know hes much bigger than most so I don't worry about the "size" of clothes. I just buy what's cute and what's cute! We did do a lot of shopping lately! You can see our fall wardrobe HERE

Milestones- he is 89% in underwear. He only wears diapers during nap time, bedtime and when we're out in public. He also tells us when he has to go "poo" (poo is for pee, poo and toots), he puts his own potty seats on, sits on the toilet- when he's done, he counts to "10" (says: 1, 2, 10),  likes to wipe himself with toilet paper..  CUTEST THING EVER. Other milestones: puts himself to sleep without fussing, enjoys spoon feeding himself food, and successfully completes puzzles, we spend about 30 minutes a day with "learning" time, where we work on his cognitive skills! 

New Words: snack. he will say "snack" then sit down in the kitchen and wait for snacks. He also says, stack when he stacks his toys... counts 1, 2 and 10... 

Treat "tweeet" (for the dogs), hot dog "haw daw", leiah (our poodle) "yeayah" maddox (our yorkie) "dado", toilet paper "tee tee" for wiping when hes done peeing in the toilet, Eat "eee", Shoe, Socks "so", shirt "shhht", shorts "Shot", bird "Bur", Tree "Tee", hello "heyo", Bye "buh bye".. pap pap (grandpa), ba (grandma), more, banana "bah", Dada, dog "dah", Ba (grandma), please "peaz", done, poo, help "hew", up "puh", water "wahwah", bottle "bah", milk "bah"...

signs: eat, milk, more, all done, please

Travels: took a 4 hour car ride to Santa Barbara.. almost lost our minds. took a 4.5 hour flight to Pennsylvania and that was pleasant! Hes a great traveler!

Must Haves: ball, car, books, snacks and mickey mouse club.

Teeth: still has 8. where are his molars???? his hands are constantly digging in his mouth lately so I'm sure teeth are planning on popping up soon.. we're just too afraid of his teeth to dig around... its sooOOOo scary! if he's chewing on something, I have to use a pho spoon to help as a barrier for my fingers! anytime he gets near us, we have to say, "no bite"- he will then stop, blow raspberries and run off!


  1. He is so cute!! Cam is just a few weeks away from 15 months; it's so fun to compare!

    1. Oh nice! I love connecting with mamas who have kids his age!

  2. Ohmygosh he makes the cutest faces. Esp that semi serious inquisitive one (third from the bottom). Too sweet.

    1. Thank you mama! Yes his facial expressions are hilarious.. He's a regular comedian!