Sunday, September 8, 2013

What Landon Wore: Fall/ Winter Style

SooOoo I did a little shopping for my lil man! I couldn't help myself! Gap had a 40% off, Old Navy had a 30% off and H&M had 20% off! I couldn't resist!! 

I picked items that I could mix match. He could wear it from late September until Feb/March!  

Some of the items run larger.. H&M especially!! Their pants last forever!! Landon is still squeezing in his 4-6 pants and I ordered his jeans in size 9-12 and they're big. The best thing about their pants- they have a way of cinching the waistband. The quality of their clothes is pretty spectacular, especially with price! 

Winter wear was pretty easy. I've been eyeing this baby gap coat. The coat runs true to size, by Christmas, he will fit perfectly into it! I ended up returning the coat from h&m. It's so cute, thick and warm but I wouldn't use it enough for 1 season. I also returned the waterproof mittens because they were huge. We will exchange the snow suits with a baby gap one. :) but man, I'm getting so excited for winter! 

Sweaters sweaters sweaters!! I love them! We dressed Landon in sweaters last year and I plan on keeping this trend. They're lightweight and warm so I don't have to worry about over layering him.

I'm loving some of the basics at old navy. The quality is also great and he can wear it for awhile. We are moving away from onesies so I'm on the hunt for some great basics for Landon. I'm not a huge fan of large bold graphics- so I'm trying to avoid it until he's ready to pick out his own clothes. In going to be very sad when this happens! 

I'm also a fan if old navy jeans. They're like regular adult jeans. Much better than baby gaps. It's sooo cute! We also got him some basic cotton hoodies and some cute bold button down shirts to complete his wardrobe.

Lastly, I had to get him new Jammie's for Halloween, thanksgiving and Christmas... Along with some great additions from Carter's! Mainly a few sets of track suits for our upcoming trip since he's bulging out of his current suits! 

How do you gals dress your kids? 


  1. i snatched up the green pants from HM when we were in indianapolis. They didn't have much there at that store.. can't wait to move where there are things called malls :) im not good shopping online..i like to see it in person...andrew is all over with sizes..since he is on the shorter side!

    1. Yea you can't return stuff instore, but I'm getting better at buying online and prefer this method since Landon only likes sitting in his stroller for about an hour... Lol I never get to forever21 because he likes to go go go!

  2. Oh my gosh! Look at him little baby model! This is too too cute!!

    1. Thanks mama! Ethan is such a little model!