Sunday, October 13, 2013

Landon is 16 Months

I swear, raising this kid just gets better and better. He is a delight and there are days where I  look over and he smiles and it makes the sun shine brighter!! When I'm exhausted and he runs over and blows raspberries on my leg.. I get a burst of energy! He is amazing and He's SO funny!

Weight: Still no official weigh in but this morning on our home scale, he weighed 23.4 lbs! He does feel heavier than usual.

Health: We are healthy in the Scaife Household! We are very cautious with traveling and we keep cleaning antibacterial wipes around EVERYWHERE!! We have been on a few outings and we do try to wipe his hands down. With flu season around the corner, we are super extra careful.

Diet:  Everything. EVERYTHING... and its awesome!

Social: Friendliest guy ever! I need to get him in a play group but currently we have him on 3 outings a week, swimming, gymnastics and Pretend City. He loves exploring. We're considering part time day care to get him out of the house and to give me free time to work on my Etsy Shops!

Crying: He is trying to earn his independence. We have discovered "Instant Noodle".. this is when we go to pick him up when he's not ready and he immediately turns limp like melted butter and scream like we're trying to kidnap him.. He DOES get embarassed quickly so it lasts for about a minute. To get him to go where i need, I bribe him. For instance, he's walking freely but I want him in the stroller. I will bribe him with food to eat.. it really gets his attention. 

LOVES: Balloons and wagon rides.

Clothes: his 12 month Jammies are teeny tiny. We're moving into long sleeved jammies now that the weather is colder. I'm a little confused with the whole toddler and a blanket deal. He's been using a blanket since he was 10 months.. but it doesn't stay on him.. so he wakes up as cold as an ice cube. other than that- clothes is super fun! 12-18 months, 18-24 and size 5 shoes!

Milestones- He's been in underwear at home since he turned 14 months. He's only had 1 accident since. some wet undies but we run him to the toilet every 20-30 minutes and he will tell us when he has to "poo". 

New Words: Mr. Chatty Chatterson picked up "Duck". He's pretty verbal but we're hoping that he starts using more words.

Treat "tweeet" (for the dogs), hot dog "haw daw", leiah (our poodle) "yeayah" maddox (our yorkie) "dado", toilet paper "tee tee" for wiping when hes done peeing in the toilet, Eat "eee", Shoe, Socks "so", shirt "shhht", shorts "Shot", bird "Bur", Tree "Tee", hello "heyo", Bye "buh bye".. pap pap (grandpa), ba (grandma), more, banana "bah", Dada, dog "dah", Ba (grandma), please "peaz", done, poo, help "hew", up "puh", water "wahwah", bottle "bah", milk "bah"...

signs: eat, milk, more, all done, please

Travels: Went to Pennsylvaina to visit our inlaws. We had so much fun!

Must Haves: balloons and mickey mouse club.

Teeth: 9!!!! his molar finally made a debut and it's sharp!

I cannot say it enough.. Every day is such an adventure with this guy. He cracks ms up! In fact, when he passes gas he thinks it's funny! He's nosy too, he listens into other peoples conversation and when he hears laughter, he joins in. It's almost embarrassing!!