Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Flying with a toddler: 15 Months

We had our first "Toddler" flight. It was VERY challenging! He is so curious and busy nowadays, I couldn't get him to take a nap!! He fell asleep the minute we landed. Imagine, a 6 hour flight... NO SLEEP.. I WAS DYING!!!!! 

Luckily, we came prepared. I was stocked with snacks, meals, activities and fully charged iphone with 10 episodes of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.


We introduced stickers on this flight. He was instantly obsessed. This activity kept him busy for almost 30 minutes. We showed him how to peel and stick. He loves stickers!

He even peeled them and stuck them on our arms and legs!

I purchased a few travel sized toys (you can get them at walmart, target and CVS) and they were perfect for our flight! 
He spent a lot of time doodling, erasing and doodling some more! 

Glowsticks and Waterbottles:

We've been using this activity for awhile and he NEVER tires of it! We asked the flight attended for an empty bottle once she was done serving beverages.

He spent about 20-30 minutes playing with his glowsticks. He is also obsessed with screwing on bottle caps.

Earphone Plugs:

Once he started to lose his mind, we introduced earphones. He loved plugging it into the socket and putting the earbuds into my husbands ears. 

For a 15 month old, his hand eye coordination is impressive and I'm so relieved it kept him occupied!

Connect Four:
This one is a hard one, I suggest keeping a close eye on your lil one. Every once in awhile, he would try to pop one in his mouth! This activity gave my husband too much anxiety so it only lasted about 15 minutes.
He did love putting the tokens into the holder.

Last but not least, we let him watch tons of Mickey mouse club. At one point, we thought he would fall asleep watching it, but alas, he did not! 

**tips for toddlers: make sure your baby drinks plenty of fluids during take off and landing. I used to nurse him, but during this flight, we have him a food pouch and a sippy cup with water!**

**bring plenty of food & snacks. We also brought a change of clothes and plenty of diapers** 

**bring infant tylenol (just in case)** 

Good luck traveling! XO