Friday, October 18, 2013

Potty Training: 16 Month Update

We started potty training Landon very early. You can read about it HERE!

So We have been in underwear since 13 months. In that last 3 months, he has wet himself maybe 6-7 times and he had 1 stinky underwear while I was cooking. He did tell me he had to go, but usually, he does a little dance... It was totally my fault because I didn't follow his cue. Anyway, thats the thing about potty training, Its trial and error and you learn from your accidents. There have been days where he stays in his diaper, but he's mostly in underwear and he likes it too. If you say, "let's go put on underwear", he will open the drawer and pick out a pair he wants to wear. 

Landon has been such a champ when it comes to potty training. He really has great understanding of his boy and he communicates well when he needs to go. We've been very verbal about his potty training with him. Here are some easy steps on how to start the transition to underwear...

1. Take him to the potty every 20-30 minutes. Once he does his business (pee) I give him some toilet paper and he "wipes" himself.. mainly he stuffs it into the toilet. He LOVES to do this.

2. Let him sit on the potty for 5-10 minutes until he does his business (he usually poops 1x a day and pees every time we put him on the toilet. While he tries to go, we talk about his business... questions to ask, "Landon, do you need to potty?", "Landon, can you go potty for mama?" "Landon, did you go pee? Yes, you did go pee!" (high five!) "Landon, can go you poo poo?" "Ok are you all done? Count to 10 if you're done.. (count)" **Always tell them "good job", "You did it!" "thank you for trying". positive reinforcement is very important for confidence!

3. When it's time to "go potty", we would say, "potty time!" Then he will stop and say good bye to everyone and everything in the room. Above is his "I'm ALL DONE" face. 

4. Sit him on the toilet for 5 minutes and talk about the potty.. Ask him to go.. Sing some songs.. Then when he's done, we count to 10 a few times..

Then repeat. I know it sounds exhausting but it's so great to have him communicating and encouraged to go when he wants. 

On days where we go out, we will take him straight to the potty when we get home. 

I really do believe that teaching Landon how to use te potty at a young age has made it normal for him. He also likes being in underwear and it's funny to watch him walk around like a big boy! 


  1. Awesome Job on the Potty Training!!! We also started young with our now 3 year old. I, like you, followed his cues. I am hoping it will be equally as easy with our baby girl (almost 4 mo old). Good Luck.

    1. Thanks Kelly!! I'm so happy to hear you successfully started young!! It makes me feel confident that I made to right decision to start early! Xo