Thursday, January 30, 2014

DIY: Toddler Activity Table

IKEA latt table
Wood stain
Wasi tape
Modge Podge
Roll of drawing paper 
Paper towel rod

Total cost: $35.

I really kept this project simple. I stained the wood, let dry. After it dries completely, build the table (so easy too!)

Used wasi tape to add some simple accents. Then used mod Podge to seal it.

I bought a paper towel rod at Daison (Japanese dollar tree for $2.00) and the paper roll at ikea.
The rod has a spring that tightens as you twist. This is perfect because I didn't need to drill holes! 
When he saw it, he gasped! He also ate breakfast quietly. 

He felt like such a big boy!

He also quietly ate snacks while I cleaned...

Colored while I did the dishes!

It's a perfect transition for toddlers!