Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Toddler Meals: Protein Power

Introducing eggs, meats and dairy to add protein into my guys diet was a lot more complicated than I thought... So I started sneaking it in. If Landon refuses to try something, I will continue to offer it until he gives in.. It usually takes 2 weeks.

Hard boiled eggs was a "new thing". He likes the egg whites but not the egg yoke but I still offer 1 hard boiled egg 2-3x a week. I still always offer stuff he likes: meatballs, almond butter with crackers and cheddar. Cucumbers are new so we offered it a lot the last few weeks. He will take a few bites but he's not too excited about it.

Scrambled eggs is a hit! Adding rice, greens and chicken has helped as well. Yogurt twice a day keeps him regular and he loves expensive organic berries. 

I'm trying really hard to simplify lunches. I started trying to introduce sandwiches 2x a week. He's very "blah" about it. He prefers a bowl of soup or rice... I also add fresh fruit, cheese and trail mix to make sure he gets some variety. 

He eats everything we eat and this meal was particularly devoured in our home.. A bed of thinly sliced sweet potato and zucchini.. Baked 400• for 10 minutes- lay 2 marinated chicken breast on top and bake for 30 minutes... It was so good! He  had 2 servings! Hummus is a great source of protein as well so we add them on crackers. Grapes is always a hit in our house!

Fried rice is so easy to eat! It's healthy too! I use a little coconut oil, frozen veggies, meatballs and cooked rice.. Give it a good stir to warm everything up then crack 1 egg to bind everything. He can eat this everyday... Pears are in season so we serve them sliced with sliced cucumbers as well!

We are reintroducing pasta. It's hard to have pasta meals when my husband is gluten free and basically hates Italian food.. But while visiting my husbands family (not italian), they served pasta every other night. I personally love it but Landon isn't really a fan... He does love spaghetti and meatballs tho! I served it with a toddler salad and homemade rolls.. 

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