Friday, February 14, 2014

Happy Valentine's Day!

I hope everyone had a beautiful valentines day!!! We had an amazing day! 

My husband gifted Landon a cute Lego barn book and we can build Lego animals!  He sat and played with it for about 30 minutes while we got ready. 

He gifted me a beautiful orchid plant (I love orchids! Ours bloom every year.) Girl Scout cookies and a stunning David Yurman pearl and diamond ring! 

Pearl is Landon's birth stone! 

My valentine chalkboard design! 

Landon got to open a card from my Inlaws and was so happy to see a monkey! Lol

We did a bunch of paintings this week since he loves sitting at his table to draw and paint! 

The best valentine? My brother had a baby today! An adorable little girl! She was born 2/14/14 @ 14:02 

She's just scrumptious! I can't believe my sil had such an easy birth! She only pushed for about an hour and 20 minutes!! I'm so jealous!! 

We ended up ordering take out sushi and watched Tv at home. Such an exciting day! 



  1. What a great Valentine's Day, and a new baby too! Congratulations! I love your chalkboard!

    1. Happy Valentines Day to you!! Thank you so much! She's such a cute baby!

  2. Happy super belated Valentine's Day! It looks like you made out like a bandit! Such a beauty of a ring. Love the chalkboard, mine are always a flop. What a neat birth date and time. 14s and 2s.

    1. So you use only chalk for your board? I find that pastels work much better!

  3. i didn't even realize... 2/14/14.... i love andrew's date.. 4/12/12 !!! so glad to hear all went well for them!