Saturday, February 15, 2014

Landon is 20 Months

Ok.. I'm going to sit down and take a deep breath... In a few months, this kids gonna be 2.. Gasp!!! Someone hold me, I'm about to CRY!

Weight: home scale: 26.7lbs. He feels heavier, maybe it's the extra "15" lbs I'm carrying, but I'm out of breath carrying him! We are "stair" training (teaching him how to safely come down the stairs). 

Health: super healthy. We did have our first trip to the ER. My little guy was standing in a little Lego wagon when it tipped over.. 8 stitches to his beautiful face! 

Diet: We are on a roll with meals! He has a huge appitite and eats almost everything.. The only thing he hates is chunks of chicken and tomatoes. 

Social: He had a play date with my little cousin Maxwell and he loved it! He's also making friends easily at the park and he spends most of his free time with grandma (my mom).

Sleep: sleep is awesome.. Sleeps by 7:30.. Wakes up around 7:30 and plays in his crib until 8/8:15.. Naps around 12-2/2:3". He's been asking to sleep when he's tired... During our bedtime routine, I usually read books then when we're done, I turn off the light and sing him a good night song while I rock him. He's been having a hard time getting comfortable so he will ask to just go in his crib... It makes me so sad! 

Crying: This kid is so tough.. He cried when he fell and needed stitches.. But not as much as my husband and after he was over the initial shock.. He could care less.. It's amazing! He trips all the time and doesn't even cry.. He just gets back up and keeps going! 

Loves: Hotwheels, curious George, Mickey Mouse, park & beach, puzzles and animal noises.

Clothes: size 18 & 24, some 2T. Shoes 5. 

Milestones- turns his toys on & off..  Lots of new words and had his 1st sleep over at my parents house!

Must Haves: shoes, snacks, his water and oven mittens. 

Teeth: 14! I think we're finished with teething for awhile. I took off his amber necklace and he was acting nutty so we put it back on. Normal. Maybe it's just me.. But I swear that it works! 

This month..  He's changing daily! He's very chatty and spends a lot of time working on puzzles, reading, potty training and playing out doors. He loves running, climbing and using a slide! I spend every waking moment with him and I love it! Hes so easy going and funny and everyday is an adventure! 

Wow 20 months. Crazy!!! 

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