Thursday, May 24, 2012

34 week update

How far along? 34 Weeks Today! 41 days to go!

Total weight gain/loss: 29 lbs! Still working, walking and swimming!

Maternity clothes? Thank goodness for summer! Mainly Maxi's and for work- I have to wear jeans, with a top and lightweight sweater or cropped jacket & flats.

Stretch marks? Nada. thank goodness! I lather up with Palmers after my morning shower and then re-lather if i feel itchy and def lather before bed.

Sleep: YES. I switched back to my side of the bed. rolling from right to left is very difficult.

Best moment this week: We LOVED our newborn prep class. My husband learned how to swaddle the baby, take care of his circumcision and umbilical cord at the same time, change diapers, how to sooth the baby and rock him, and give him a bath.

Miss Anything? I Miss not being so emotional. I had a rough day on Sunday, over dinner... lol

Movement: YES! I swear when my husband talks to the belly Landon trying to push his face close to my hubby for a kiss... because theres always a round tennis ball sized lump facing my husband... they're going to be bff.

Food cravings: Same... I'm starting not to LIKE donuts as much as the other 32 weeks. lol... drinking lots and lots of water lately.

Anything making you queasy or sick: yea, everything on the menu at Chart House... (Sunday's issue)

Have you started to show yet: I am a whale.

Gender: a handsome little man

Labor Signs: Nope. My mom says I still need to drop before he's ready...

Belly Button in or out? Still in.

Wedding rings on or off? It is still on... and we went to get it cut off but were recommended to go back to our jeweler to have it cut since we have a lifetime warranty on our ring.

Happy or Moody most of the time: HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY!

Looking forward to: I'm going to start washing his clothes and prepping for his arrival.. plus we are taking a CPR class soon. :)


  1. yes..rolling doesn't get any easier :( but don't worry...its all worth it :)

  2. once I get cozy, I sleep for about 4 hours, wake up pee.. toss & turn for a few minutes then sleep until 7ish. the doctor said its because landon is prepping me to get up and feed!