Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Mid-Week Mumble Jumble..

Lets have a nice little Mid Week update!!

To start- We had a little Doctors Visit today. Baby Measures at 32 weeks, strong heart beat! When the OB asked me how he was kicking- Landon gave a nice jab at the doctor, so he said, "he's a good listener". lol. We were late to our Sneak Peek Ultrasound, so We go back on monday. I'll be seeing the Doctor every 2 weeks from now on. He did ask if I wanted to work until I deliver or start maternity leave around 36 weeks. I'm going to try and stay for as long as I can.

After the Doctors, we had a quick breakfast before I went to work.

When I got home, My hubby surprised me with my first Mother's day gift!

I love it! now if someone can tell me what kind of flower this is and how to take care of it, i promise I'll try hard not to kill it!

OOh here is an update on our little house!

Here is the side gate that kept flying away! My dad and husband worked on it for a few days and they did a great job!! They're doing such a wonderful job fixing up the house that the City Association stopped by to thank my husband and let him know that they wanted to put our house in the monthly magazine!

Then our little patio- that I posted photos of a few weeks ago... here is the sitting bench my husband built. it's a perfect place to sit and watch little landon play!

Looks nice doesn't it??

and here is our Little Leiah-Bear sunbathing outside and enjoying Daddy's hard work!

Lastly, I've been in a cooking mood. we recently converted to all organic! We've been trying to stay healthy and be more active about living a healthy lifestyle. Here are my past 4 dinners. All easy to make...

1. Baked Organic Chicken with Lentils (ready made from Trader Joes) & Steamed Broccoli.
2. Veggie & Talipia Fish wrapped in foil pockets and thrown on the grill for 15 mins.
3. Organic Filet with grilled rosemary potatoes (in foil pockets)& Brussel sprouts.
4. Spinach Fettuccini with sauteed shrimp and Broccoli!

All meals are pretty tasty and extremely healthy.. plus I'm getting my daily intake of veggies!


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