Monday, May 28, 2012

Parenting Classes & Hospital Tour

My Husband and I signed up for quite a few classes recently. We wanted to prepare ourselves for little Landon but mostly, we were trying our best to see what we were really in for.

This is the "baby" we brought to class. lol.

First class was:

Baby Care Basics & Beyond Class. This class was designed to teach us New Parents how to care for a newborn. I mainly wanted to learn the following things:

1. How to take care of Little Mans circumcision. check.
2. How to take care of his umbilical cord. check.
3. How to take care of both the circumcision & Umbilical cord at the same time. check.
4. how to bathe him in the first month. check.
5. brush up on diaper changes.check.

I'm VERY happy I took this class! More so, I got to watch my husband interact with his "Baby". He actually asked if he could swaddle, diaper, and hold the baby. it was pretty sweet to see him WANT to do these things.

When we got home, we decided to test our little puppies. We wanted to see how they would interact with new objects.

Leiah, our white poodle, did very well. she was instantly attached. she wanted to sit next to the doll and sniff it, and followed the doll everywhere.

Maddox, our Yorkie-Poo- was very curious at first. but kept his distance. everytime we moved near him, he politely got up and moved. He sat at a distance and just observed.

The next day, we did a hospital tour. We got instructions on Where to park, where to register, which floor we go to, where we start and where we end up after the baby arrives.. EVERYTHING we needed to know about our hospital stay.

It was pretty intense to know that we are SO CLOSE to Landon's arrival and as much as I can't wait to hold him in my arms, I'm feeling a little anxiety now. I feel only 75% prepared and I feel like you can never be 100% right???


  1. I need to schedule our hospital tour and see what classes are available in our area. I don't think you're ever 100% ready, either!

  2. how cute are the fur babies with the fake baby! little maddox might be related to my sharkie :)

  3. @agalandherdog- no.. I don't think so either lol!! some of the classes offered at the hospital were Free!! :)

    We also signed up for Daddy Boot Camp, Baby Prep (Lamaze) Class, Baby CPR class and we pre-registered at the hospital for his big arrival.

    @Jes-- I'll have to check your photo!