Saturday, May 19, 2012

Mother's Day

This is a photo of my mother and I when I was just a little baby!! Man do I look super ASIAN!! lol.

For My first un-offical Mother's day- we did have a little celebration! After all, I DO have a baby growing in my belly!

On Saturday after my brother's engagement party, we decided (Last minute) to take all the mothers out for some Cajun Crawl fish for dinner. (a party of 40!!)

Here is a photo of ME, My Mother & My two grandmothers! (that's 3 generations of Mothers!!)

I'm pretty excited that Landon will have the opportunity to meet his grandparents and Great-Grandmothers. I didn't meet my grandparents until I was in my Teens, and because they moved in with my family, I quickly learned how to speak vietnamese the RIGHT way.

I hope that Landon will learn vietnamese Fluently! I believe it's important for him to learn about his heritage and culture. I hope that he'll grow up to be worldly and smart!

Lastly, My mother's day gift! My husband is such an amazing man!! I got a beautiful set of stackable cocktail rings, a little necklace and a brand new LV purse! Oh, I can't forget- My pink tree!! Its still alive!

I hope all my Mommies to be and all the Mommies out there had a fabulous mother's day!


  1. Your husband needs to teach a class on gift-buying! I'd send my husband to it for sure! Congrats on the baby!

  2. I second @agalandherdog comment. Those gifts are ah-mazing. Congrats!