Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Little Man Baby Shower Filled with Love!!

I wanted to Give an update of my Baby Shower from a few weeks ago!

First off, I L.O.V.E.D every minute of it! All the little details were perfect!

My Sister made this Cute little photo board and we put up all these photos of my husband and I when we were kids.

The dessert table was ADORABLE!

The Beverage Table had Lemonade, Iced Tea and Mimosa's!

Now onto Games!! The first was "Measure the belly"!! I thought it would be cute to show my grandma, 2 mothers and the winner (Vanessa)!

The second Game is Match the socks! there was a bag of 20 mix matched socks and the fastest person to match all the socks won a prize! My GBFF's (Guy Best friend forever)wife won... which she should've since she has two little boys! But it was super exciting for her because this is the first thing she's ever won in her life!

The funniest Game was "Oh SHIT, My water broke". This involved little plastic babies frozen in water! Some of the girls thought my sis was serving a beverage and started immediately drinking the water, some of the girls squeezed the cups which caused a huge water explosion in the living room- and babies popped up and flew across the room! The goal was to get the baby out of the ice to win a prize! We didn't get a picture of all the girls playing because it happened so fast... but we did get a photo of my sister messing around after she dropped all the clean babies on the floor!

The last activity was pretty awesome, Everyone got to decorate a little Onesie for Landon!so CUTE!

And here are some photos of Family, Friends & some amazing gifts we received!

can't forget the puppies & their little T shirts!

Well, I must say- Thank you to my amazing Family and Girlfriends for such a beautiful shower!!! We were left VERY well prepared our precious pumpkin to arrive!

I feel very Loved & I know Landon will be SPOILED rotten! xoxoox

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  1. Love those personalized onsies!! I did that for a friend once and they turned out adorably!
    That looked like a great shower!!