Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Baby Prep...

About a month ago, while we shopped for baby furniture, we were introduced to this magical book:

It basically rates the best baby products out on the market... from car seats to strollers ALL the way to cribs and bedding... even Breast pumps and diapers. Because of this book (and reading about all the products online), I've been able to make decisions based upon safety, ratings and tips from parents. After I purchase items, I really am at ease and I sleep well because I know I'm making the right choice for my little McNugget!!

while we wait for our large items to deliver, here are some of my decorative purchases for Baby L.

Look at this little outfit!! H&M has baby clothes and Maternity clothes. I got this in a 3month size and I think it's adorable!!

So for his nursery, we decided on an Airplane theme. We got these hanging planes at Pottery Barn to hang from our ceiling.

so far, I LOVE it!! I have a LOT more stuff to add but so far, it's coming a long sooOoo nice! I hope you love it!


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