Sunday, March 18, 2012

Viva Las Vegas!!

oooh my amazing hubby decided to take our little family on a mini weekend getaway... We even took our puppies on vacation!
So on Friday afternoon, we packed up the puppies and drove 4 hours Vegas. It was pretty smooth sailing, making a few stops to stretch our legs.

On our first night, we had dinner at the MGM and enjoyed a show called "cirque du soleil ka". With all the driving and hoopla of Vegas, I forgot to take photos of my husband and I, but I did sneak a photo during the show. It was pretty amazing!

On Saturday I woke up to find my dog Leiah laying on my belly. it was a pretty sweet photo!

she definitely loves her baby brother!

later that day, We enjoyed some sweets at Serendipity 3 at our hotel. I've been wanting to try out this place for the last 3-4 visit! The Frozen Hot Chocolate was amazing and the Giant Chocolate Donut was bigger than my face. I ate about 1/2 by myself and my husband ate a few bites.

For Dinner we ate at this French Restaurant called "Guy Savoy". It was the most expensive meal of my life. The service was very impressive. Nothing on the menu was less than $68 (soup.. and it was not good). I did Love the 20 different fresh baked breads, 10 different desserts, the corn soup etc..

later that evening, we got fancy and went to see PeepShow. :)

On our way home, our puppies snuggled each other for a little bit until the little one fell apart and ended up in the front seat with me.. and after the lunch, I ended up in the back seat with them and I must admit, it was pretty comfortable. I took a nice nap!

And now we're home! It was a pretty cozy vacation! I am very lucky to have an amazing husband who spoils me rotten. I love u Hubby!!

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