Sunday, March 25, 2012

& They're off.. changes, changes, changes...

This morning, my husband and I were talking about how much our lives have changed since we got married. First and foremost, I used to be a skinny mini and now I feel like a Big Girl. I'm not overly obsessing about my weight gain, I've never been that girl, BUT I still can't believe the transformation my body has endured just to be almost 7 months pregnant. Since the weight gain is somewhat slow I rarely notice the change.. but when I look back a year ago, I realize, HOLY COW!! So that's my Before I got married photo and my big ol' pregnant last week photo. My sister told me I didn't look that big when she saw me yesterday, it somewhat made me feel better. lol

Last night, I had to remove my engagement ring and put it away... OOOooH I was sOOoo sad!! I kept waking up thinking that I had lost my ring. Maybe it's the weather change. I'll try to see if it fits again in a few days. I LOVE my ring!! I feel so naked without it!

Over the weekend, we did some baby prepping. We got a rug for our family room. When Landon arrives, I imagined he'll have plenty of tummy time on the ground so It was nice to finally find the perfect rug for our room. We Temporarily moved our coffee table out of the way and the puppies have enjoyed the rugs. They lay on it, play on it.. and it feels cozy!

For the Landon's room, I found him the perfect map. It really goes well with the decor of our house. Ideally I wanted a map he could pin all our travels on, but when I saw this map, I didn't want to leave it behind! I think instead of letting him put stickers all over this map, we'll start a travel book for him instead.

I'm laughing as I put this photo up. It seems that Leiah-Bear (our poodle) loves giving Landon her one on one time. She could spend hours sleeping on my growing belly! It just cracks me up how attached they are to me. Oh lovebugs... you're soOOOo loved by your non-human siblings. I hope they watch over you and protect you from danger.

Lastly, yesterday- I was lucky enough to take my future SIL fabric shopping to look for the perfect traditional Vietnamese Dress fabric. WOW, in less than 9 months, I'll have a new little sister! It's pretty exciting! It brings back all these memories of when I had to prepare for my traditional engagement and wedding. I'm glad I got to help out a little bit. :) it was pretty fun seeing which colors looked best on her. She went in thinking "Yellow" and left thinking "Blue/Teal/Aqua" tones. It was My sister, Me and My FSIL walking around Bolsa trying to fit in with our people.. lol.

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  1. 1) i wasn't skinny mini before i got pregnant, but i still obsess about this weight gain!
    2) no worries---you look super cuuute! from your pictures you really don't look as big as you think you do!
    3) gorgeous ring! hope it fits and it's just the weather!!