Friday, March 23, 2012

Baby Shower Gifts & Surprises

I started Registering around a month ago. I haven't really grasp the concept of registering (I didn't even register for my wedding)... But with baby stuff, theres so much to research and SO MUCH you need that the Baby Registry really helped out by keeping me organized.

As I finalized the registry list, a surprise arrived on my front door!

It took a little hunting to find out who sent it to me this adorable gift (only 5 people knew about my registry) but in the end, it was my cousin Paul and his wife Little Nancy. :) we call her Little Nancy because she's teeny tiny and she's also expecting her first!!

this was the Card/Message that was suppose to come with the gift. SOOoOOooOoo sweet!

Thank You Paul & Nancy, My little Landon will LOVE this gift. I can't wait to put him in it and put him to sleep!

**The reason why I registered for this item**

Fisher-Price Papasan Cradle Swing - My Little Lamb

This Item was rated the Best "Swing Down to a science". It swings both side-to-side and front-back motion and it was rated a favorite with readers and moms.
I've heard MANY amazing rave reviews on this product and I am excited for my little man to utilize it!!

The second gift to arrive.. came in 3 separate boxes... it's the carseat, stroller and extra carseat attachment.

This is from my Mother In Law and Sister In Law. It was custom ordered from Living Textile because I wanted a solid color.

I LOVE this carseat and stroller!! I'm sooOOoo EXCITED!!

**Why I registered for Graco**

We chose the Graco SnugRide30. It's a lightweight carseat and it's super easy to use. It's also the country's top selling carseat and Got an A rating on all websites and books I've read.

I did go back and forth between the BRITAX stroller/carseat, I really was torn but the Britax is ALOT more expensive and it was a little heavier. I preferred the Graco because I really wanted the Frame/stroller that went with it.

I like this stroller because it's VERY LIGHTWEIGHT and easy to use. I really thought about weight, functionality and how long I'll use this for.

Since infants will grow out of this carseat quickly, I wanted to make sure when we transitioned the baby to a convertible carseat, I'll transition him to an easier stroller. I want the baby to be able to test out a stroller that he'll actually sit in. I don't want to go through 4-5 different strollers. I really hope I make the best decision for my little one. We just want him to be safe and happy.

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